Case Study: How to revolutionize the online ticketing industry with handy mobile apps

How to automatize event tickets sales and increase revenue? How to increase your impact at the event market?


In our case study, you will find answers to these and many other questions.


We will openly share with you our secrets of successful mobile app system development, and give you practical tips on how to improve your client’s business and at the same time earn good money yourself. 


Mobile app development is a long and meticulous process. It requires a professional approach and an experienced mobile app development team.

Today, you can see many IT companies that deal with mobile app development but only a few of them are experts in this field.


Headworks is a company that provides mobile app development and consulting services, and we know how to do it well.


We have a team of about 40+ people: developers, Xamarin developers, Csharp developers, designers, QA engineers, digital marketers, business analysts, sales and copywriters. Each member of our company is an expert in his field and has a wide experience of work in IT companies.


Headworks development team created about 55+ different mobile apps: ticketing, healthcare, and banking apps, games, security system apps and apps related to education. In this case, we will tell you about one of the biggest Headworks mobile app projects that took about 8,000 developers, designers and QA engineers’ hours.

case study Tibbaa

Tibbaa is a ticketing company that is situated in the Netherlands. On the official Tibbaa website, visitors can follow Tibbaa events (concerts, fairs, festivals, shows, etc.), see how many tickets are left, book and buy tickets for them and their friends. At the first stage of the project development, we did not know that Tibbaa company is a typical medium business representative and that they had an official website.


After fruitful discussion with Tibbaa CEO and sales manager, we understood that the main task of the company was to develop and introduce a new product to the market (Made in Ibiza). It was a new direction for a company, and Tibbaa’s business owner wanted to attract the users who would be interested in it.

Stage 1

Our business analysts, product managers, and customer support had close communication with Tibbaa CEO and Sales Manager. The main task on this stage was to develop one mobile app that would be a personal cabinet for users with a chat, weather forecast, and built-in radio. The app had information about the concerts, fairs, open-air parties and festivals, but users didn’t have the opportunity to buy tickets.


When Tibbaa business owner sent us a wireframe, it was not adapted to the project. But Headworks team understood the main concept of the project and developed a specification. We started the development process and created the first mobile app for Tibbaa with all mentioned above functionality. 


First app version we called Made in Ibiza and that the main goal of the app was to attract new users and get data about them ( names, phone numbers, emails, their location, etc).


The main challenge for our development team was to finish a project in short terms. The season of festivals, concerts, and other events were about to start and we had to hurry up. Headworks team of developers worked hard to create necessary app features, test the app and deliver the complete mobile app to the client.

Stage 2 

We delivered a high-quality mobile app for Tibbaa, and this app gave people the possibility to find out information about the events from their phones. Though, the first Tibbaa mobile app did not allow users to make purchases, as at the beginning it was just an informational resource. We satisfied the client’s needs as the main app’s purpose was to attract new clients. During the first stage of the mobile app development process, we managed to set up a trustful relationship with the client.Made


online ticketing app

We found out that Tibbaa has a website and a Scan app to check tickets. At that time T-Scanner ( app for scanning tickets) didn’t work well, so we offered client our help. We improved T-Scanner by merging information from different databases. 


When T-Scanner app development was finished, it allowed scanning tickets very quickly ( 2 sec per ticket) online and offline. We made a system that marked a ticket as scanned in the general base, that is why one ticket could not be scanned twice. This app was a perfect solution for nightclubs that are situated in the basement with a slow or no internet connection. This allowed Tibbaa organizations to provide services on a higher level, and avoid long lines.

Stage 3

At that stage of the project, we had a complete team that consisted of designers, Business Analysts, Product Managers, front-end and back-end developers, project manager, and digital marketers. We started to work as a consulting company, Outsourcing Strategic Partner and started to develop three new mobile apps for Tibbaa such as T-management, Street Smart and PosSmart.


street smart

This app allowed the salesman to sell out tickets on the street, on the beach, in the mall, and other places right from the app. Salesman downloaded an app from App Store or Playmarket to his mobile phone, administrator sent salesman a password  This is a very convenient app that helped to spread tickets easily and quickly through the mobile app.



In the Pos-Smart mobile app, we added the term venue that means club or a place for an open-air party. What’s more, we developed in-app currency (coins). This allowed users to purchase goods at the events ( T-shirts, beverages, food, etc) very quickly. Tibbaa festivals gather about 20,000 and more, and it was a great solution for “waiting in a long line” problem.


T-management is a solution to manage fairs, concerts, open-air parties, festivals, and other events. With this mobile app, it is easy to manage events, tickets, users and payment systems. What’s more, users can set prices, manage payment types and rules of the events. T-management allows to create and manage your own payment system that customers can use at the event, and enjoy the comfortable view of reports and settings.


Image of Smart-Card mobile app
This app was the last on our list. Smart Card is a banking app that allows seeing means on a screen, check transactions and purchase goods. 

Bottom line

From a small mobile app project, we created the whole Tibbaa system that consisted of 5 different apps – Pos-Smart, T-management, Street Smart, Smart-Card and T-Scanner. Each mobile app can be used separately and it is a complete app. On the other hand, each mobile app is a part of a big Tibbaa system and supplements other apps. All five mobile apps provide high-level service to users. Headworks development team completed difficult tasks in a short period of time and developed necessary apps functionality. Today visitors of Tibbaa events and Tibbaa staff actively use and enjoy all our apps.